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Strategies To Improve Your Sitting Posture

By changing the way you sit, you can significantly decrease your risk for neck and lower back pain.

Use These Four Ergonomic Strategies To Improve Your “Sitting” Posture:

Do not cross your legs. To maintain a proper lordotic (inward) curve in your lumbar spine (lower back) while sitting, you’ll need to have both feet on the floor.

Set your chair height to the correct level. With your feet flat on the floor, adjust your chair height so that your hips are level with or a little higher than your knees.

Use a lumbar roll. Your lower back also needs support to attain/maintain the proper curve in your spine.

It’s critical to use a chair with a built-in lumbar support or to purchase a lumbar support that can be attached to your desk chair (at home as well as at work).

Make sure you adjust the lumbar support to support your best erect posture for working at your desk.

Upper body posture. Use a pullout keyboard that is set so that your elbows are bent at 90 degree angle.

Your mouse should also be s with a pullout keyboard properly positioned under your hands with an extension for your mouse at the same height.

Your computer screen should also be directly in front of you to avoid prolonged cervical rotation to one side.


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