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neck pain after motor vehicle accident

Motor Vehcile Accidents

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Claims Management
Personalized Treatment

Were you recently injured in an auto accident? If so, you might be experiencing whiplash, leg or back pain, neck pain, muscle tension, herniated disc, or headaches. At the same time, it’s likely that you’ll have to navigate the confusing legal and insurance issues that come with a serious car accident. Here at IronChiro, we’ll evaluate, diagnose and treat your auto accident-related injury while helping you manage your claim.

Auto Accident Claims Management

At IronChiro, we have a dedicated team to handle the insurance components of your auto injury. From connecting you to an attorney in our network to completing paperwork, we’ll advocate on your behalf throughout the entire claims process. It is important that you focus on healing from yur injuries and regaining your quality of life with the help of our supportive, experienced staff. We work directly with your attorney, insurance company, and other specialists to ensure optimal medical results.

Personalized Motor Vehicle Accident Treatment

When you arrive for your initial consultation, you’ll have a complete examination followed by a treatment plan recommendation.

Our team of experienced chiropractors and massage therapists collaborate to deliver the best auto accident injury treatment possible. In addition to in-office therapy, about 50% of your overall treatment will likely be done outside the office through exercise and lifestyle changes. We will periodically re-evaluate your progress to ensure your goals are being met and your concerns are being addressed. Should you require further treatment, we’ll refer you to a specialist suited to your needs.

Your Evaluation Will Include:

Complete family and personal medical history review

Neurological and orthopedic examinations

Analysis of your diet, weight, sleeping habits and posture

Spinal palpation

Gait analysis

Foot Scanning

X-ray/MRI Review

Muscle Testing

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