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Tennis Elbow

Did you know that tennis elbow is not just limited to tennis players?

Anyone who performs repetitive tasks such as gripping, twisting or lifting with their forearm can be at risk of developing tennis elbow.

This condition is a result of overuse or repetitive strain injury, causing pain and tenderness in the outside of the elbow.

Rest assured that IronChiro offers effective treatment options for tennis elbow!

Research has shown that Shockwave Therapy treatments are incredibly effective in the treatment of tendinopathy. Countless patients at IronChiro have realized the real-life benefits of Shockwave Therapy.

Other treatment options include soft tissue massage, and exercise rehabilitation that may also improve this condition.

Our team of professionals can help you achieve pain relief, increased range of motion, and improved performance in your daily activities!

Don't let tennis elbow hold you back from your daily routine.

Contact IronChiro today to schedule your appointment and take the first step towards a pain-free life.


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