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Common Causes Of Injuries In Young Athletes

Do you know the most common culprits of sports injuries in school athletes? Here, Dr. Wright talks specifics!

Sports Injuries: An Introduction To Little League Elbow

Little League Elbow is a prevalent injury for young athletes playing sports involving an overhead throw. Dr. Alicea speaks in this video about what causes Little League Elbow and why.

The Symptoms and Treatment of Little League Elbow

While little league elbow does result in a constant ache or pain for the athlete, this pain does significantly increase as they're performing the throwing motion associated with their sport. Here, Dr. Alicea shares the first steps in treating our young athletes who are suffering from this injury.

Fall Sports Performance At IronChiro

Chiropractic treatment can increase joint mobility, reduce inflammation, and improve overall body alignment.

These benefits are especially crucial for fall sports athletes, who are at a higher risk of injuries like sprains, strains, and concussions. By addressing these issues before they become major problems, IronChiro helps keep athletes on the field and performing at their best.

So if you're ready to take your fall sports game to the next level, let IronChiro be your secret weapon!

Plastic Cupping For Athletes

Plastic cupping is an invaluable tool for athletes looking to improve their performance and recovery. By creating a vacuum effect, plastic cupping helps reduce pain, inflammation, and soreness in muscles as well as increase mobility and range of motion.

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